Top Cars

A yellow two doors car in the middle of the road

The year 2016 is looking very promising for the auto industry. Sales are expected to remain steady and healthy. A lot of brands are coming up with fully redesigned models which are completely brand new. It entices shoppers to visit the dealer’s showroom and experience the amazing innovations first hand. In total, there are approximately 40 refreshed new cars coming out this year. Today, let’s take a peek into some of the most exciting Top Cars of 2016.

Top Models

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Cadillac never fails to amaze car enthusiasts with their range of impressive vehicles. The brand new and high-performance V version which is limited edition is packed with 464 horsepower twin turbocharged engine. It allows the Cadillac ATS-V to reach a maximum of 60 mph within only 3.8 seconds. It was made to attain 189 mph as its top speed.

They have ensured that this new release is packed with sheer muscle. They’ve made it available in both sedan and coupe renditions. It comes with a pre-installed performance data recorder. This is a great way for owners to record high definition videos capturing their driving exploits. The best part about it is that they could easily share these videos on their social media.


Chevy has created the sixth generation of their world renowned Camaro sports coupe to be released this fall. It was made having updated engineering and styling to compete with its archrival, the Ford Mustang. They made it slightly smaller than their previous release. The Chevrolet Camaro still retains its familiar look by having a high belt line and low profile.

The creases and curves were re-sculpted in the front and rear sides of the vehicle. It gives its overall look a more contemporary and meaner feel. In its interiors, the Camaro features dual color displays and an adjustable ambient lighting. It has a turbocharged four cylinder engine which is packed with 275 horsepower.


Mazda’s newest rjmknb2w3redr52t62y72elease is a two seater and low-slung roadster. In a quarter century, it has been redesigned for the third time. This year’s version looks a lot more aggressive than its former counterpart. Its interiors look crisp and fresh. It’s more appealing, accommodating and has been created with amazing added features.

Mazda used the new SKYACTIVE technology which has a 2.0-liter engine. It is estimated to have 155 horsepower and achieve a 27/36 mpg because of its six-speed automatic transmission. The Mazda MX-5 Miata is 150 pounds lighter than before. It is expected to perform with the precise handling abilities it’s known for.