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Things Every Car Owner Needs to Know About Brake

the front part of volkswagen on the road side

It is quite an intriguing fact that people nowadays have preferred to own a car rather than going around with public transportations. It is not wrong, of course. However, the increasing number of cars sales for the last two decades does not come together with the awareness and proper knowledge about what services that the car needs. It is ironic since they can easily find the information on the Internet, such as on the autoglassexpress.com.

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Brake, sadly to say, is one of the car parts that often receive less care and maintenance. The fact that it holds an urgently vital role for the safety of the car’s passengers does not seem to make those people give the necessary treatment to avoid tragedy. Therefore, it is crucial for a car owner to check it and provide an appropriate treatment regularly. Before that, there are things that every owner must know about this particular part of the vehicle.

The Brake’s Enemy

toyota land rover and sunsetIt is not the asphalt, nor it is the friction. The heat has been declared as your brake’s biggest enemy that can cause several problems. The scientific explanation of this fact roots from the basic knowledge that friction generates heat. Pressing the pedal means pushing the pads against the disc, and as they rub against each other, the overall braking system causes the tires to stop.

Now, can you imagine if this happens almost all the time whenever you go on the road? Luckily, the system is equipped with ventilation that pumps the hot air to the outer edges of the disc, causing the system to cool down and avoid the fading. However, for an excellent performance, depending only on those ventilations will not do much favor without having them checked by the machine experts regularly.

The New Technology

The pads were formerly made from asbestos. The reason for this is that the material is prominent for its high resistance towards heat that many home builders opted to use it in many construction sites. However, let us not forget that asbestos produces lethal carcinogenic chemicals that its exposure towards human must urgently be limited. That was when the inventors came up with an idea to use another material.

The new technology has seemed to answer the former problems those drivers had, primarily when it deals with the durability and the safety. The new braking system comes with several slots to allow air circulation and avoid gas build-up. One more plus point, the new material is way more environmentally friendly than the old one.